November 17, 2016

Dear colleagues and friends,

We are deeply saddened to share with you the news of the premature loss of Marida Bertocchi, who will always be remembered for her kindness, human and scientific openness and forward looking research attitude.

After the conference in Brasil last Summer, Marida was not feeling well and in August she had several tests, that mostly were meant to solve what seemed to be digestive problem. Unfortunately she went for a control last September and her condition turned out to be far from simple. A month ago she had a complicated, 12 hour long, surgery and after that, essentially she did never recover and yesterday morning Marida passed away in hospital. This is a big loss that comes at the end of a terrible year for our community. There is very little to say.

All of us will remember Marida's kindness and love for research and academic life. She inspired us day-by-day and she was such a kind and lovely academic colleague and coordinator anyone would have loved to work with. I had my office next to hers for all my time at UniBG, since October 2005. She went into hospital the first week of October and the day before we were still discussing and planning for the future. All this is very hard to accept.

Marida's was a talented mathematician who knew mathematics and stochastic theory and she was interested to several application areas, including finance, energy, telecommunication. Over the years she contributed in optimization (I first met her for her works in nonlinear optimization in the 80's), stochastic optimization, numerical analysis, pricing methods for derivative contracts and we collaborated over the years in several research projects involving financial optimization techniques and risk theory.

Marida has been among those very few who worked to establish in the 80's the very first department of Mathematics and Statistics of our University and she served as Chairman of the Faculty and then several times as Head of Department.

We will miss her enormously and she leaves us with such a rich human and scientific heritage that we will always keep in mind and honor. Our and mine commitment is to preserve her principles, scientific rigor and cooperative attitude always alive.

Giorgio, Adriana, Francesca, Teresa, Rosella, Vittorio, Sergio, Sebastiano, Paolo